Welcome to Hotel Zefiros and to the beautiful village of Agios Ioannis 

 Worldwide we are running a special era, therefore we have taken all the additional, yet necessary measurements to maintain safety and sanity both for all of our guests and our personnel, ensuring at the same time that that even under these circumstances you will all still enjoy pleasant summer holidays! 

On the following text you shall read all the new regulations and methods we have reinforced our hotel policy with and which you will come across at your arrival and during your staying. 

General regulations: 

  • To assure our guests’ safety and comfortness, our hotel is being daily sanitized, always following by the book the strict recommendations and orders in collaboration with the public health national authority. 
  • In all public areas of the hotel you will find hand sanitizers. 
  • Our personnel uses all necessary personal protective equipment and has been trained according with the sanity and safety protocols. 
  • Hotel’s personnel health is being daily and thoroughly observed. 
  • It is recommended that sanity face masks are used when the guests are in the hotel’s public areas. 
    Safety distances of 1,5 meter per person is highly recommended to be followed. 
  • Hotel’s facilities and staff’s working areas are thoroughly and regularly cleaned and sanitized. 
  • Room keys are being sanitized using an approved sanitizing product. 
  • Any extra decorative pillows and magazines have been removed from the rooms 
  • Embracement and handshakes are welcoming gestures that characterize Greek culture , however this year we will use other welcoming gestures that won’t need physical contact.  


  • The room is being sanitized and cleaned thoroughly before your arrival in the following surfaces/objects: entrance door, balcony doors, fridge, handles of all furniture, tables, chairs, lamps, on-off switches, curtains, wardrobes and wardrobe hangers, telephone, television, hair- dryer, bath tub/shower unit and soap cases, glasses, garbage cans, remote controls of TV and A/C. 
  • Surfaces that are covered with cloth are being vaporized with special machine at over 70 degrees. 
  • Housekeeping service is no longer offered in daily basis , but it is arranged according to our guests wish for no or partial service. 
  • Housekeepers suggested to have access to your room after 2 overnights for cleaning, or arranged otherwise if guests declare  and wish so.
  • Laundry protocols for towels and white linen have been upgraded so they align with the official instructions that demand higher temperature and approved washing products , the same rules and protocols are followed by our external freelancer cleaning colleagues.  

Garbage disposal in daily basis takes place from 08.00 until 14.00, either by you or our personnel. Garbage is disposed into the special cans we will indicate you at your arrival. In your room you will find bags for that purpose. Please, while bags are being thrown to be well closed. 

Please leave as long as possible the windows open and avoid the use of air condition. 

Keep the safety distance per person 1,5 – 2 meters and /or follow the special sighs wherever they are marked. Stay in the public areas of the hotel the least possible time. 

Stay at your room in case you feel sick and please do inform the reception to get the necessary help/instructions. 

Check in, check out.... 

check in takes place after 15.00  and check out until 11.00.  

At your arrival only one person per room enters the reception with all the necessary documents of all people expected to be hosted at the room.(identity cards/ passports, vouchers if the reservation is made through a tourist agency). Hotel is obliged by law to maintain for safety reasons archives with personal information: full name(name-surname), home address, email address, telephone number, complying with GDPR rules.

To avoid queue lines in reception you may short your bill out during your stay or /and until your last overnight. 

Breakfast is optional and it is depending on the remand either in a breakfast box to be consumed at your room or in the properly arranged outside yards of our hotel or It may be consumed in the hotel’s buffet , following all the safety and sanity measurements. 

In any case you have to inform the reception the day before. In case you use the buffet you enter keeping the social distances and you are being served by our personnel. Please do use hand sanitizer before and after. Hand sanitizer use is recommended every time you enter or exit the public areas of the hotel.  




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Forever living

Forever living Shopping
Skin care products, makeup, hair care, juices and beverages.
Skin care products, makeup, hair care, juices and beverages.


Our friendly staff (which mainly consists of family members) will make you feel comfortable and soon you’ll realize that your choice of Hotel Zefiros is unique.


our delicious breakfast, your evening coffee or a snack in our fully planted premises listening to a wide variety of Greek, Italian soft music, music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, up to nowadays.


the unique, bewildering perfume of Pelion nature. Zefiros Hotel is found surrounded by wild roses, magnolias and green, tall trees. A cool wind, Zefiros wind carries all these terrific odours around Hotel Zefiros giving you a unique experience of unusual smells.


the gentle lullaby of the sea and the divine birds singing and let the wind Zephyrus to clear away all your cares .